Chicago cops use ‘bait trucks’ filled with shoes to entrap black youths

By Bill Cameron

(CHICAGO)  There’s a new flap at City Hall over something called bait trucks.

Bait trucks are trucks filled with merchandise and placed out in the open as a lure to trap thieves. One was placed in Englewood not far from the Norfolk Southern railroad yards where thieves have been breaking into freight containers.

Black leaders are saying it’s entrapping poor people, but not everybody’s critical.

Former cop and firefighter, now Ald. Anthony Napolitano, says “If you put a bait truck out there, you’re not gonna get John Q Citizen who’s on his way to work or school or to play in a park that’s gonna open up a truck and steal something out of it, you’re gonna get the career criminal. And the career criminal is the reason why the crime rate is astronomical in the City of Chicago right now.”

You might expect former police superintendent, now candidate for mayor, Garry McCarthy, to agree, but his campaign says he has no comment on bait trucks.


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