Rauner investing millions to chip away at Madigan’s House majority

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)   Governor Bruce Rauner is giving millions more of his personal fortune to elect more House Republicans and Ericka Harold Attorney General in November.

Rauner says he’s investing $4M to chip away at Speaker Madigan’s House majority and $1M to Harold because she’d prosecute Madigan for corruption.

That would be hard to do because she’d be barred by law from convening a grand jury to consider political corruption, but she told Bill Cameron on a recent “Connected to Chicago” program, how she’d get around that, “There is statutory authority under the current law that inables the attorney general to conduct investigatins if any of the inspector generals find evidence of misconduct. I would use that authority and that ability  robustly.”

For his part, Madigan has said for decades anything he does is done legally.

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