Chico okay with hybrid school board – some elected, some appointed

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) In the race for mayor, one of the new top-tier candidates is taking an interesting position on the long crusade for an elected school board in Chicago.

Gery Chico has served by appointment on three school boards over the years, but now he tells me he’s willing to get behind a partially-elected board for the Chicago public schools.

He’s for the hybrid, some elected, some appointed by the mayor.

So, which category would get a school board majority? “I would keep the majority with the mayor. I want full accountability for the results of that system. I don’t want it diluted. I want it squarely in the hands of the mayor. On the otherr hand  I think a portion of the board duly elected will be healthy.”

Chicago mayors have always blocked elected school board bills in Springfield, but the next mayor may want his fellow Democrats to let a hybrid pass.

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