Connected to Chicago (01-06-2019) Special Guest-Mark Rolfing

Joining the show this week is Mark Rolfing. Mark is an on-course golf reporter for NBC. John and Mark discuss the plan that may combine the Jackson Park and South Shore golf course into a Championship level course on the south side next to the Obama Presidential library. Tiger Woods will be help with the design of the new course.

In this week’s round table segment, John Dempsey is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune,Greg Hinz of Crains, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times. The group discuss the latest developments on Alderman Ed Burke. How might this affect the Mayoral race?

This week’s community spotlight segment is with Jennifer Keiper. Jennifer discusses how there are misleading celebrity endorsements and trial offers that lead to, what the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission says are subscription traps. Steve Bernas, CEO of the BBB in Chicago says there are a growing number of complaints and he describes them. Jason Adler of the FTC explains how consumers can be mislead to sign up for, what they think, is just a free trial offer but can lead to a costly subscription service. Debbie Wagner is a Chicago area resident who explains how she was led to believe that she was only signing up for a free trial but later learned that she was being charged over $100.00 monthly, when she checked her credit statement.