Mendoza calls Bill Daley “Rauner’s mayor”

(CHICAGO)   In the race for mayor, Susana Mendoza is on the attack again against Bill Daley.

Mendoza’s calling Daley Bruce Rauner’s mayor because the state’s richest man Ken Griffin, who donated millions to Rauner, has now given a million to Daley.

Mendoza says, “I’m not running for mayor to be something. I’m running for mayor to do something. Right now I gotta make sure Chicago’s moving in the right direction and doesn’t elect Bruce Daley!”

That’s right. She’s calling Daley, Bruce Daley.

One inconvenient truth is that Ken Griffin has also donated more than a million dollars to political funds aligned with Mayor Emanuel, but given the feud between Rahm and Rauner, you certainly can’t call Emanuel Rauner’s mayor.

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