9 lb, 11 oz. Baby Born At 9:11 On 9/11

9/11 is a national day of tragedy, but for one Tennessee family, it’s a day to celebrate as a miracle.

On Wednesday, a healthy baby girl named Christina Brown was born at exactly 9:11pm on 9/11 – weighing 9 pounds and 11 ounces.

Christina’s mother Cametroin says she was in 8th grade the day of the 9/11 attacks but says the baby helps “find triumph, find a piece of joy from a day that’s so drastic and still hurts.”

Christina, meanwhile, is spending time in the NICU with lung issues but is expected to be okay.

Source: http://www.fox5ny.com/news/-rare-but-very-special-baby-born-on-september-11-at-9-11-pm-weighing-9-pounds-11-ounces