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Trip Sisters – Show Notes – 9/29/19 – Travel Disasters

Episode 68 – Website Info
Air Date: Sun. Sept. 29, 2019

Special Guest
Spud Hilton – Host of Inappropriate Traveler travel podcast
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Podcast: Inappropriate Traveler on Apple Podcast –
Twitter: @SpudHilton
IG: @SpudHilton

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Travel Disasters

Biggest Travel Disaster: Listen to find out!
How You Handled It: Listen to find out!
How it Could Have Been Avoided: Listen to find out!
Tips for When Things Go Wrong While Traveling: Listen to find out!

Biggest Travel Disaster: My biggest disaster was traveling all day from Dallas and my flight was diverted in Philadelphia. From there they cancelled the last flight to Chicago. So, I had to get a hotel room with no luggage. I slept in my clothes and took the first flight out in the am. Killeen was little and it was hard to be away for another day.
How You Handled It: You have to go with the Flow, what can you do. It was weather related and then the second leg was the crew did not make it in.
How it Could Have Been Avoided: Some travel disasters you can’t avoid, so you just have to adjust for them when they happen.
Tips for When Things Go Wrong While Traveling: Regroup. Sit down, take a few deep breaths, and reset before going off on a tizzy. Damage control. Just how bad is this?
Figure out next steps.
Have a freak out, then let it go.
Be friendly.
Be grateful.
Be prepared in advance.

“What’s” with the “Trip Sisters”

What’s in Your Suitcase?
H2rOse Water –
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What’s on your phone?
bSafe App – Available for free on Android and Apple at
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What’s the tip?
Red Flags You’re About to Stay at a Bad Hotel
Photos are Doctored – If the photos on the hotel website or booking site look photo-shopped or too perfect, it might be too good to be true. Do a Google search of the hotel to see photos real people have posted.
Check out the Street View – If the hotel website says your hotel is surrounded by scenic views, double check the “street view” option on Google maps to see if the area looks like it says it does.
The Price Doesn’t Fit – If you’re getting a five-star hotel at a two-star hotel price, do some more investigating. Double-check that there aren’t any renovations that are causing the price to drop.
Check for Bedbugs – On, you can type in the name of your hotel and find its specific location to see if any guests reported bed bugs while staying there.
All the Good Reviews are Old – A hotel may have stellar reviews, but if they’re all over six months old, something dramatic may have changed since then. Watch for a sudden surge of recent bad reviews too.
The Carpets are Dirty – Nasty carpets usually mean nasty sheets and towels and coffee cups. You should also be on the lookout for small patches of carpet that don’t quite match the whole thing. That’s a sign that staff hastily removed and switched out a stained or damaged patch, rather than replacing the whole carpet or doing a thorough cleaning.