HS Puts on Scrimmage So Dad with Cancer Can See His Son Play One More Time

Brandon Bates at WXII in Winston-Salem understandably didn’t want to interview Kevin Garrett while he watched his son play basketball. Garrett was watching his son play basketball on a live stream from his hospice bed.

Garrett was diagnosed with a rare bladder cancer four years ago and has been given just days to live. So his son K.J. and his team at High Point Christian Academy teamed up with Caldwell Academy to play a scrimmage game just for Garrett.

K.J., who said he wanted to play well for his dad, ending up becoming the game’s MVP with close to 30 points on the board. K.J. is thankful to everyone who helped organize the scrimmage saying “This might be the last time my dad gets to see me play.”

Source: https://www.wxii12.com/article/this-might-be-the-last-time-my-dad-gets-to-see-me-play-high-schools-put-on-basketball-scrimmage-so-a-dad-with-cancer-can-see-his-son-play-one-more-time/29691501