Student With ID From Puerto Rico Denied Cold Medication From CVS

Suffering from a cold, a Purdue University student just wanted to pick up some over-the-counter meds from his local CVS. But it wasn’t so simple.

Handing the Mucinex to the cashier, José Guzmán Payano was asked to show ID. So he presented his driver’s license, which was issued in Puerto Rico, but the employee wouldn’t accept it.

According to the junior engineering student, “She said she needed a US-issued ID, Canada or Mexico license. That’s when I tell her that was a US-issued license, and I didn’t need anything else but that license.” His US passport was no good either.

Protesting to the manager was to little avail. Payano lodged a complaint with the company, who apologized and said they will inform workers on which IDs are acceptable, including all “issued by US territories such as Puerto Rico.”