Starved Rock Murderer Granted Parole

By Nick Gale, WLS-AM 890 News

After almost six decades in prison, the Starved Rock murderer is going free.

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has approved 80-year-old Chester Weger’s request for parole. The board vote was 9 to 4 in favor of release.

Weger was sentenced to life in prison for the 1960 death of one of three women who were on a hike at Starved Rock. The three women were from Riverside.

Weger was not present at Thursday’s hearing, but told the parole board his confession was coerced and still maintains his innocence.

Weger has spent the past 58 years trying to overturn his conviction and sentence. He will remain in the state prison system for an additional 90 days to make sure he is not a risk factor.

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