Win a copy of Dead and Company’s “Playing in the Sand!”

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the long and glorious history of the Grateful Dead and the still-active founding members that carry on the music and the legacy of the band, it’s that DeadHeads don’t need a whole lot of encouragement to have a great time… simply get a bunch of ’em together in one place, let the music play, and joyous celebration is sure to ensue, whether in an arena or stadium in any given American city, a suburban amphitheater, or ankle-deep in mud at a festival.

Such has certainly been the case with what has become an eagerly anticipated tradition in recent years: the mid-winter pilgrimage of Dead & Company and their growing legion of followers to the Yucatan Peninsula for the event aptly named “Playing In The Sand.”

January of 2019 marked the second time that the band and followers made that trek, and while we can’t provide you with the actual warm climate, sea, and sand, we’re happy to bring you all the music from that memorable, tropical getaway (no sunscreen required!) Enter to win your copy of Dead and Company’s “Playing in the Sand,” below!