Decoding Retirement


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Robert Kuhn
Managing Partner

Robert has been in the financial industry in various executive level capacities since 1997. He is the founding and Managing Partner of Kuhn Capital Partners, which serves financial advisors across the country, managing money for their clients as well as direct clients of Kuhn Capital Partners.

Robert is one of the most celebrated and respected financial advisors in the industry – and is a sought-after speaker, thinker and investment strategist. Robert has hosted many top radio shows and has been a key note speaker at many industry leading events.

Robert & Kuhn Capital Partners goal is to protect and defend your assets while seeking upside potential. The investment strategies used are defensive and tactical in nature. Robert believes tactical management is a powerful, straightforward solution to navigate market volatility, while striving to drive performance and hedge against risk.

Through Kuhn Capital Partners defensive, pro-active & non-emotional approach to investing, they monitor market conditions daily, to help maximize growth potential of your investments while never forgetting the first two rules of investing. Rule one, don’t lose money. Rule two, don’t forget rule number one.

Decoding Retirement