Chicago Moves Forward with Reopening Despite Widespread Violence

After considering a delay in the wake of the city’s George Floyd protests, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday announced city officials have decided to move forward with Phase 3 reopening plans regardless.

“We want economic activity to resume peacefully and safely in every single neighborhood, especially those hurting the most,” Lightfoot said. “I heard that over and over again in neighborhoods that have been hard hit for years that they need a lifeline and they need it now.” In addition to allowing non-essential businesses to reopen, Wednesday’s arrival of Phase 3 means Chicago residents will no longer be required to abide by Lightfoot’s stay-at-home order, she revealed.

Lightfoot’s announcement came after another night of protests that resulted in the arrests of nearly 700 people. Chicago’s 911 call center is reporting 65,000 calls between Monday and Tuesday, which amount to 50,000 more than it usually receives.