Family of 6 Found Dead of Monoxide Poisoning; Police say it was ‘No Accident’

The carbon monoxide deaths of six family members in Texas was no accident, police say.

The unidentified family — which included two 30something-year-old parents and four children ranging in age from 11 months to 4 years — was discovered late Thursday evening in the garage of a San Antonio home, says Police Chief William McManus. Officers, who’d stopped by to conduct a welfare check after the dad’s employer said he was unable to reach him, were greeted by a carbon monoxide odor that was so strong, it “kind of blew everybody back out the door,” McManus says.

Responding officers also found a note on the door that told them bodies were inside the garage, and pets were in the freezer. Although McManus says investigators have determined “it was not an accident,” he hasn’t said whether it’s believed an outsider was involved in the family’s deaths. “It’s the whole picture: the adults, the children, the pets,” McManus says. “Saying it’s not pretty — there are no words to describe that.”