John Howell: Essential Cuts (7/1) – Voting Rights for Convicts & Ranked-Choice Voting in IL

*Dan Mihalopoulos looks at how Ken Griffin pulled a political golden sombrero by striking out four times during the primaries.
*Mark Konkol of The Patch details how Beverly Miles’ campaign for governor went largely unnoticed for suspicious reasons.
*Representative La Shawn Ford discusses why he’s pushing to give convicted inmates the chance to vote.
*Beer expert Josh Noel shares a list of great beers to drink this holiday weekend that won’t break the bank.
*Plus, John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune tells John Howell how Berwyn and Evanston may embrace ranked-choice voting.


Voting Rights for Convicts in Illinois

8th District State Representative La Shawn Ford discusses the push to give convicted inmates the chance to vote. John wants to know what you think, should the right for an individual to vote always be available even while paying their debt to society?


Griffin’s Golden Sombrero

The primary election has ended and some GOP investments have fallen through. Investigative reporter for Chicago Public Radio’s Government and Politics team, Dan Mihalopoulos, joins John to discuss Ken Griffin’s political whiffs.


R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking charges

Following 2 decades of allegations and investigations, singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison by a New York court. The Steve Cochran Show talks to Jim DeRogatis, music journalist and author of ‘Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly, about his years of reports on R. Kelly’s crimes and the importance of believing women’s testimonies. 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (6/29) – Primary Recap & Pushing for Mayoral Term Limits

*Bradley Bowman of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies breaks down a very busy NATO summit.

*Sun-Times reporter Mitchell Armentrout looks at the less than exemplary voter turnout for the Illinois primaries.

*Todd Maisch of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce shares the chamber’s 2022 election agenda.

*Former Governor Pat Quinn tells John why he’s renewing his campaign for mayoral term limits.

*Plus, Mike Emanuel discusses the latest out of D.C., and Steve Chapman talks about SCOTUS’s 2nd Amendment ruling.


Former Governor Pat Quinn on Why Chicago Needs Mayoral Term Limits

John Howell is joined by Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. They discuss last night’s primary results and Quinn’s initiative to limit Chicago mayors to two term limits. Quinn believes that the voices of everyday Americans need to be heard, which is why he is a strong believer in referendums and initiatives. They also discuss the big question: would Pat manage the White Sox if asked?


Chicagoans and the Primaries: What the Numbers Revealed

John Howell is joined by Mitchell Armentrout, reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times. They discuss last night’s primary elections, the winners of the most contentious races, and how many Chicagoans turned out to vote. (Spoiler: It was only one in five.) 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (6/28) – Gas Station Notices & Morally Corrupt Political Ads

*Amber Phillips of the Washington Post breaks down the testimony of the witness from the surprise Jan. 6th Committee hearing.

*Laurence Msall, President of the Civic Federation describes the exit of Ken Griffin’s Citadel as a ‘punch in the gut’ for Chicago.

*Josh Sharp, CEO of the Illinois Fuel & Retail Association pushes back against gas stations being required to post “political” notices.

*Jim Rule, Chairman of the Tazewell County Republicans shares why he sent a letter bemoaning the political ads in this cycle.

*Plus, former Pittsburgh Steeler Dr. Franklin Lambert talks about the SCOTUS decision on pre-game prayers.


Should Gas Stations Have to Post Tax Freeze Notices? Josh Sharp Says “No.”

John Howell is joined by Josh Sharp, CEO of the Illinois Fuel & Retail Association. Gas stations in Illinois are being required to post a notice informing drivers of a tax freeze on fuel. Sharp says that these notices are “political speech” that gas station owners would prefer not to display. Howell and Sharp speak about whether or not this signage is political and what their next steps are in appealing this decision. 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (6/27) – John’s Back & Ken Griffin is Gone

*Crain’s Chicago’s John Pletz compares Miami and Chicago in the wake of Ken Griffin announcing the move of Citadel to the Florida city.

*John T. Bennett of Roll Call attempts to discern whether the endorsement of Trump will make a difference for Darren Bailey or Mary Miller.

*Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia discusses her run for Illinois Secretary of State and addresses her email controversy.

*Reid Epstein of the New York Times looks at how Illinois voters are upending the GOP’s $50 million plan.

*Plus, Salena Zito shares how airlines are cutting services to large amounts of flyover country.


The Shift of Control in the Republican Party from Money and City to Rural Areas

John Howell is joined by Reid Epstein, who covers campaigns and elections for The New York Times. They discuss Trump’s endorsement of Darren Bailey and the $50 million behind Richard Irvin that no longer appears to be working. This is an example, says Epstein, of the shift in control from money and the big city over to those in rural areas.


Professor Michael Leroy on the “Profound Unintended Consequences” of Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

Andrea Darlas, in for John Howell, is joined by Professor Michael Leroy, LER Alumni Professor of Labor and Employment Relations and affiliated member of the College of Law faculty at University of Illinois. Professor Leroy discusses the Supreme Court overruling of Roe v. Wade this morning and how this opens the door to reevaluate other cases from the past 50 years. He dives into the unintended consequences of this ruling and what other laws these decisions may affect.


Kristen Ziman’s “Reimagining Blue”: Building a Bridge Between Police and Divided Communities

Andrea Darlas is joined by former Aurora Police Chief, Kristen Ziman. They discuss Ziman’s new book, “Reimagining Blue.” She wanted to create something from the perspective of a female, flawed, multifaceted police officer and build a bridge over the divides in our communities. They also discuss the Uvalde FBI exploratory committee, the new foot chase policy, and other policing stories.


Support Team Mongo’s bid to add Bears legend  Steve McMichael to the Hall of Fame 

One of the most beloved Bears players of all time, Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael’s battle with ALS has transformed him into symbol of strength to those who are sharing in his struggle. Joe Johnson of Obvious Shirts joins The Steve Cochran Show to talk about his continuing collaboration with Team Mongo and how you can support McMichael’s bid for the NFL Hall of Fame and raise money for him and his family.