Giving Tuesday: Provide hope and comfort for kids in hospitals with a simple card

If you’re looking for a small way to make a child’s day this Giving Tuesday, Cards for Hospitalized Kids is the perfect organization. Founder Jen Rubino joins The Steve Cochran Show to talk a little about her own journey as a child experiencing sickness and share the stories of kids receiving messages of hope.

John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/28) -The “Blueprint for Democrats” and the Beers Inspired by a Bridge

*Alex Stone from ABC News Los Angeles updates us on the University of Idaho murders  and what we still do not know. 

*Mike Marr, Owner of Buffalo Creek Brewing, shares why he has named several beers after the repeated crashes at the Long Grove Bridge. 

*Salena Zito, National Reporter, gives her thoughts on Josh Shapiro & why she believes he is the “blueprint” for Democrats. 

*Plus, Bruce Iglauer, Founder of Alligator Records, discusses being honored by the Recording Industry Association for Alligator’s 50th Anniversary.


Jason Nathanson: How the Pandemic Changed Movie-going

John Howell is joined once again by Jason Nathanson, ABC News Entertainment Correspondent. The holiday weekend box office was a big disappointment, all movies seeing much lower numbers than anticipated. Nathanson discusses the potential reasons this occurred. He also has the info on the rumors of a Disney sale to Apple.


One of the Most Chaotic Elections Chicago Has Seen in Years

John Howell is joined by Burt Odelson, Founding Partner of Odelson, Sterk, Murphey, Frazier & McGrath Ltd., and elections attorney. Odelson has been in the business for over fifty years, and he says this is one of the most surprising mayoral and City Council elections he’s seen. The two discuss the multiple candidates for mayor and the City Council and give their predictions for what to expect at the polls.


Vintage Chicago with Kori Rumore: Playboy magazine, University of Chicago scientists completing the first manmade nuclear reaction, Pizzeria Uno

Curator of the Vintage Tribune Kori Rumore and the Steve Cochran Show travel back in time to talk about Hugh Hefner launching Playboy magazine in his Hyde Park apartment in 1953, University of Chicago scientists completing the first manmade nuclear reaction under the direction of Nobel-prize winning Italian physicist Enrico Fermi in a squash court under Stagg Field in 1942, and the Pizzeria Uno opening at Ohio Street and Wabash Avenue in 1943.

Say goodbye to post-Thanksgiving diet guilt – Celebrity fitness trainer Joey Thurman shares ways to combat holiday food guilt

‘The Minimum Method’ by nutrition expert and celebrity fitness trainer Joey Thurman joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about resetting your diet after Thanksgiving, why a good sleep schedule is imperative to weight loss, and he shares signs you’re breathing incorrectly, and how to fix it.

John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/23) – It’s Always about the Independents & Tips for your Thanksgiving Turkey 

*David Winston, long time Republican advisor, analyzes the numbers and breaks down why it’s “always” about the independents. 

*Rajan Menon, Director of Strategy for Defense Priorities and Scholar at Columbia University, has the latest on Ukraine and Zelensky’s upcoming hurdles. 

*Alvin Waddles from “Too Hot to Handel” comes on and previews the show, as well as discusses his great career as a jazz pianist. 

*Plus, McCullough Kelly-Willis from the Chicago Meat Collective has tips for butchering your own meat this holiday. Fox News Correspondent Mike Emanuel goes over the nation’s latest political stories.


Use Your Eyes & Ears: How to Stay Safe During the Holiday Weekend

John Howell is joined by Doug Cummings, Personal Security Consultant, author, and former Deputy Sheriff. More than once every news cycle, we see another mass shooting, most recently at a Walmart in Virginia. Cummings shares ideas on how you can protect yourself and stay safe during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.


From Ukraine to Chicago – The journey of one woman helping Ukrainian children far from home

24-year-old Halia Didula arrived from Ukraine only months ago to study at UIC and work at St. Nicholas Cathedral, a Catholic School in Ukraine Village. Together with her colleagues, like Maeve Brady, she has brought comfort to many children who have arrived from Ukraine fleeing the devastating war in their home country.

Halia Didula and Maeve join the Steve Cochran Show to share an update on the important work they’re doing with Ukrainian children, the harsh realities of the war, and the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

The 40th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival is Almost Here

John Howell is joined by JR Westberg from Parkside Pub in Huntley. They are hosting their 40th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival tomorrow, November 23. The two discuss what happens at the festival, how it came about in the first place, and the Del Webb crowd’s presence at the event.


Ted McClelland: Power Ranking the Chicago Mayoral Candidates

John Howell is joined by Ted McClelland, Author and Contributor at Chicago Magazine. Together, they discuss the long list of Chicago Mayoral candidates: their qualifications, their strengths, and their ranking amongst the pack.


John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/22) – A New Special Counsel and a Proposed Underground Warehouse

*The Hill’s Niall Stanage joins the show to discuss Merrick Garland’s appointment of a new Special Counsel for two Trump investigations. 

*Brett Chase, Chicago Sun-Times reporter, has the latest on Ozinga’s attempt to build an underground warehouse. 

*Trump faced legal challenges in four courtrooms today, and ABC’s Andy Field has the info on how the day went. 

*Plus, Steve Bernas from the BBB has your holiday scam warnings, and the Afternoon crew and John talk about their family Turkey Day traditions. 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/21) – A Role Model in Abraham Lincoln and a Controversial Class Title

*Professor Amy Bass answers the question: how important IS Taylor Swift to America?

*Andrew Eastmond joins to discuss how Abraham Lincoln is a role model for today’s turbulent times. 

*Irish violinist, harpist, and soprano singer, Tara McNeill, previews her one-night-only engagement in Chicago happening next month.

*Plus, we get a Bears v Falcons recap from our NFL insider, and John poses a question about a class with a “controversial” title at the University of Chicago.


“Understandable Economics” with Howard Yaruss

John Howell speaks with Howard Yaruss: Economist, Professor at New York University, and Author. He joins the show to discuss his latest book, “Understandable Economics: Because Understanding Our Economy Is Easier Than You Think and More Important Than You Know.”


Alderman Ray Lopez is no longer running for Mayor of Chicago

Alderman of the 15th ward, Ray Lopez has announced that he will no longer be running for mayor.  He states that he feels he can do more as an alderman and improving his ward and running for his own ego would not be the right move. Alderman Lopez, although no longer running for mayor, believes that no matter what Lori Lightfoot can not remain the mayor.

The Goat’s Got New Buns

You heard John mention it after his show at the Billy Goat…the Goat has new buns! John Howell is joined by Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Tribune food critic, to chat about the evolution of the cheezborger and the quality of these new buns in question.


John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/18) – Battle of the Drug Dealers and Chicago’s Come Home Plan

*Tom Schuba, Chicago Sun-Times reporter covering marijuana, talks about the battle surrounding opening a dispensary in the old Rainforest Cafe building. 

*ABC News’ Alex Stone has another update regarding the murders which have turned an Idaho town upside down. 

*Brian Barnhart, play-by-play man for Illini football and men’s basketball, gives his preview of this weekend’s game versus Michigan and the rest of the season. 

*Dennis Rodkin, Residential Real Estate Reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business, explains Chicago’s “Come Home Plan.”

*Plus, ABC’s Dave Packer unravels some of the mess that’s gone on at Twitter this week. 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (11/17) – What’s Next for Republicans in the House? And Our First “Christmas Controversy” of 2022

*John speaks with G.H. Merritt, chair of an organization aiming to form a new state out of Southern Illinois. 

*Katrina Quint, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Director of Horticulture, tells the story of the 300-year-old oak tree that is set to be removed from the zoo. 

*Ike Ejiochi, ABC News Washington, talks next steps for the Republicans after they’ve taken back the House. 

*ABC News Los Angeles’ Alex Stone has the latest details in the complicated situation in Idaho. 

*Plus, Jason Nathanson has the details on this season’s first “Christmas Controversy,” and Kim Komando gives her thoughts on the drama at Twitter.


Ald. Anthony Napolitano: The Citywide Booting Brigade is Still a Terrible Idea

John Howell is joined by Alderman Anthony Napolitano from Chicago’s 41st Ward. The City Council has once again delayed the vote on the City-wide booting mandate. He and John discuss why the Alderman believes this mandate to be a bad idea and which Alderpersons have seen donations from booting companies.