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About The Show

Bruce St. James: Here to have a conversation, not to lecture.

Having started in radio at the age of 17, and having no other meaningful jobs since, it’s safe to say I have no other marketable skills.

Growing up in Washington D.C. and Tucson, Arizona exposed me to very different worlds, and is probably why I am comfortable in almost every setting.

Never married, no children that I’m aware of and I don’t even have any pets. I do own a plant, but the fact it’s survived this long without watering leads me to believe it may be plastic.

Consistently inconsistent, and proud of it.

2020 brought the world unprecedented changes.

2021 is bringing the focus back to what matters- YOU.

We are bringing the conversation back to Chicago with The Bruce St James Show. No more lectures, no monologuing. 2021 is the year of the listener. The Bruce St. James Show will put Chicago front and center as he, his contributors and guests focus on real issues and why they matter to you.

From Bruce St James to John Howell, WLS-AM is having the conversations that matter to you. From Maple Park to LaGrange to the Northwest Side, WLS-AM wants to hear from you. Tell us what matters and let’s talk about it.

The Bruce St. James Show podcast