Airports Warn Of Real ID Deadline Chaos

Those who haven’t updated their identification to one that is Real ID compliant by October’s deadline will find themselves turned away from their flight.

Customs Agents Seize Human Brain at Canadian Border

In monitoring packages sent to the U.S. from abroad, Customs and Border Protection officers regularly seize such things as illegal prescription drugs, narcotics, live animals and even an occasional person who’s trying to avoid spending money on airfare. But on Wednesday, they took possession of something they’d never seized before: a human brain.

Teacher Arrested For Selling Drugs To Teens

After a Florida teenager turned up dead from an overdose, investigators went looking for the dealer. But it wasn’t some guy lurking in the alleys.

Delta Plans To Go Carbon Neutral

Perhaps you can soon worry less about the environmental impact caused by taking a flight. At least if you book on Delta.

Bloomberg Qualifies For Nevada Debate

With surging support behind his 2020 Presidential campaign, Mike Bloomberg has qualified to take part in the upcoming Democratic debates.