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Is Our Economy Turned Upside Down?

David Hochberg joins the Ramblin Ray Stevens Show to peer into the Homeside Financial market crystal ball. They delve into the factors influencing the delay in rate drops, what made the economy turn upside down, and the importance of focusing on monthly payments rather than just rates.

Alderman Anthony Napolitano Champions New City Ordinance Backing First Responders

41st Alderman Anthony Napolitano joins the Ramblin Ray Stevens Show to delve into his initiative to introduce a new city ordinance supporting first responders, the importance of implementing mental health resources for these essential workers, and highlights exciting upcoming summer events aimed at supporting small businesses in the 41st Ward.

Illinois Government’s $100K Salary and Pension Club Surpasses 140,000 Members, While Taxes Rise for Illinois Residents

Illinois government’s $100K salary and pension club has over 140,000 members and rising. President of Wirepoints.org Ted Dabrowski joins the Ramblin Ray Show to delve into how these unions established such lucrative benefits, why ordinary citizens can’t access similar perks, and propose solutions to reform the pension system to reduce the tax burden on residents.

Illinois Officials Advocate for Open Doors: Pushing for Unlimited Influx of Migrants to the State

Former Chicago mayoral candidate Paul Vallas joins the Ramblin’ Ray Show to uncover the motives behind certain Illinois officials’ push for an unlimited influx of migrants to the state, the factors driving record numbers of minority residents to leave Illinois, and whether there’s hope on the horizon for a resolution to the migrant crisis that directly impacts residents.

‘Antisemitism isn’t just a Jewish thing… We need to advocate together.’ – Sarah Van Loon, American Jewish Committee Regional Director

American Jewish Committee Regional Director Sarah Van Loon joins the Ramblin Ray Show to discuss the Jewish community’s concerns over the potential resignation of Northwestern University President Michael Schill, issues of antisemitism on campus, and she encourages all Americans to exercise their right to vote.

Swish of Destiny: Reimagining the NBA Draft that Shaped Larry Bird’s Celtics Legacy

Jon Rineman, writer for The Tonight Show and WWE’s Monday Night Raw, talks with the Steve Cochran Show about his new book, “The Garden’s Always Greene.” Discover how a basketball video game during COVID-19 sparked his imagination, leading to a fascinating tale that reimagines the 1986 NBA draft and its impact on Larry Bird’s Celtics and the league. Also, hear about Jon’s dedication to donating part of the book’s sales to The Alzheimer’s Association. https://gardensgreenerbook.com/