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Where to get FREE DONUTS for National Donut Day!

Where to get FREE DONUTS for National Donut Day!

June the 7th is National Donut Day. This means the most glorious dough-y confections are being given away for free. Praise be!

• Hit up Stan’s Donuts for a Free Donut with any purchase (limit one per customer).

• The first 1000 Firecakes customers on National Donut Day will get a voucher (for their next visit) that’s good for either a free Buttermilk Old Fashioned or 12 oz. La Colombe coffee.

• When you buy two donuts at Dat Donut, you get a glazed donut for free.

Weber’s Bakery has a multi-tier promotion: All their doughnuts will be $0.99, 10% of the day’s donut sales will be donated to the Salvation Army, AND they’ll have limited edition flavors only available on that day.

• At Dunkin’, you can get a free “classic” doughnut when you purchase any beverage.

• One free doughnut per guest at Krispy Kreme! If 1 Million people come in for their freebie, they’ll also give out free samples of a new creation later in June – they only have described the mystery treat as “out of this world” great.

Now go forth and have sugar comas!

What is a Paczki?

According to Central Continental Bakery, the paczki is a traditional Polish dessert that is especially popular one day of the year, “Fat Tuesday,” the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is typically a Catholic holiday, however people of all religions celebrate the tradition of “Fat Tuesday” in America.

At the turn of the century, the Polish community almost always gave up their traditional sweets for the Lenten season.

Poland’s version of the French Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), known locally as Tłusty Czwartek, or “Fat Thursday.” This year, “Fat Thursday” falls on February 23.