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Lucas Looking At San Francisco, Again

By Nick Gale, WLS-AM 890 News

(CHICAGO) “Star Wars” creator George Lucas is again looking at San Francisco to play host for his museum.

A report Sunday in The San Francisco Chronicle says that  Lucas is considering a site on Treasure Island.  And there is word that he has already discussed the plans with the city and the site has already been approved for development.

That means far fewer legal hurdles for Lucas. A plan to host the museum in Chicago has been stalled because of a lawsuit filed by Friends of the Parks.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been fighting to locate the museum in Chicago. Originally a site was proposed near Soldier Field and later at McCormick Place East, but Friends of the Parks rejects any lakefront site.

Lucas’ hometown is San Francisco. His wife is from Chicago. So far there has been no comment from Mayor Rahm Emanuel.