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Ousted COD President Files Wrongful Termination Suit

By Nick Gale, WLS News

(Glen Ellyn, Il) Many people following the story thought this was inevitable. A day after his ouster by board members, the former president of the College of DuPage has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

Robert Breuder filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the College of DuPage board and the four trustees who approved a resolution Tuesday night to remove him. His firing comes after an internal investigation claimed to have found evidence of “misconduct and mismanagement.”

Breuder was dismissed almost five months before he was scheduled to step down with a $763,000 severance package. That large severance didn’t sit well with some of the trustees, students, staff and some politicians.

The lawsuit claims that the board chairwoman ran a campaign to tarnish Breuder’s reputation. It also says his constitutional rights were violated.

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