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Ted Cruz Talks Queso

Queso is awesome! That’s for sure. It seems that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) would agree with that statement.

There’s at least one thing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has remained faithful to throughout the presidential election: his love for cheese. While at a queso competition in Texas on Wednesday, Cruz spent nearly a minute professing his unwavering love for the delectable melted dairy beloved in the Lone Star State. “It speaks to the soul,” Cruz said. “Good queso relaxes you.”


Becca Stanek.@tedcruz passionately defending cheese: “Queso is made to be scooped up with tortilla trips, dribbling down your chin and onto your shirt.” pic.twitter.com/8j1u4ix5W0— Jordan Rudner (@jrud) December 7, 2016

Source: Listen to Ted Cruz’s bizarre 40-second monologue about the wonders of queso