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Embrace Your Inner Highlander: 38th Annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games Kick Off This Weekend!

Gus Noble joins the Ramblin’ Ray Stevens Show to transport listeners into the lively atmosphere of the 38th Annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games in Wheaton! Discover why all proceeds from this weekend’s festivities will be dedicated to supporting the festival’s partnership with Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care in North Riverside. Don’t miss the chance to experience kilts, bagpipes, and a strong sense of community spirit at this unforgettable event! https://chicagoscots.org/festival/welcome/

Dismantling the ‘Pritzker Machine’

Former GOP Candidate for Lt. Governor of Illinois Aaron Del Mar joins the Ramblin Ray Stevens Show to discuss the evolving dynamics of business operations in the Illinois House, his strategies for challenging the ‘Pritzker Machine’ and offers insights on how voters can actively participate at the local level.

Is Our Economy Turned Upside Down?

David Hochberg joins the Ramblin Ray Stevens Show to peer into the Homeside Financial market crystal ball. They delve into the factors influencing the delay in rate drops, what made the economy turn upside down, and the importance of focusing on monthly payments rather than just rates.

Alderman Anthony Napolitano Champions New City Ordinance Backing First Responders

41st Alderman Anthony Napolitano joins the Ramblin Ray Stevens Show to delve into his initiative to introduce a new city ordinance supporting first responders, the importance of implementing mental health resources for these essential workers, and highlights exciting upcoming summer events aimed at supporting small businesses in the 41st Ward.

Illinois Government’s $100K Salary and Pension Club Surpasses 140,000 Members, While Taxes Rise for Illinois Residents

Illinois government’s $100K salary and pension club has over 140,000 members and rising. President of Wirepoints.org Ted Dabrowski joins the Ramblin Ray Show to delve into how these unions established such lucrative benefits, why ordinary citizens can’t access similar perks, and propose solutions to reform the pension system to reduce the tax burden on residents.