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Summer Safety Guide: Protecting Little Ones and Furbabies from Heatstroke

Every year, an average of 37 children under 15 tragically lose their lives to heatstroke after being left in vehicles. Join us on The Ray Stevens Show for an essential conversation with University of Chicago critical care flight nurse Teri Campbell, who will outline steps to take if you encounter a child or animal in a hot car, along with practical advice to prevent these devastating incidents.

RNC Day 2: President Donald Trump Announces Ohio Senator JD Vance as 2024 Running Mate

Catch the latest updates from the RNC as Darren Bailey and WLS Newsman Jonathan Bregman join The Ray Stevens Show to share their firsthand experiences and insights on the official nomination of President Donald Trump and Ohio Sen. JD Vance as the GOP ticket for the presidential election. Don’t miss this exciting recap straight from Milwaukee!

The Secret Service’s Major Missteps: How They Failed to Protect President Trump

Former Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy, who was shot while protecting President Reagan, joins the Ray Stevens Show to explore the similarities and differences between the Reagan and Trump assassination attempts, break down the typical investigation timeline for these incidents, and explain where the Secret Service fell short in protecting President Trump.

‘America is waking up… We’ve got to fight & unite.’ – Representative Mark Alford on the Ray Stevens Show

U.S. Representative for Missouri’s 4th congressional district Rep. Mark Alford joins the Ray Stevens Show to delve into whether Trump poses a threat to democracy, the nation’s path forward after the attempted assassination of a presidential candidate, and he shares what the security looks like at the RNC.