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Swish of Destiny: Reimagining the NBA Draft that Shaped Larry Bird’s Celtics Legacy

Jon Rineman, writer for The Tonight Show and WWE’s Monday Night Raw, talks with the Steve Cochran Show about his new book, “The Garden’s Always Greene.” Discover how a basketball video game during COVID-19 sparked his imagination, leading to a fascinating tale that reimagines the 1986 NBA draft and its impact on Larry Bird’s Celtics and the league. Also, hear about Jon’s dedication to donating part of the book’s sales to The Alzheimer’s Association. https://gardensgreenerbook.com/

‘All soldiers remember their old battlefield.’ – Retired Major General John L. Borling Reflects on the 80th D-Day Anniversary on the Steve Cochran Show

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Gen. John Borling joins the Steve Cochran Show to reflect on the harrowing experiences of the brave veterans who stormed the beaches of Normandy. They discuss the significance of D-Day veterans returning to Normandy for the anniversary and the importance of remembering this pivotal moment in history.

Will the Supreme Court of the United States Justices Bail Former President Trump Out of Jail?

NIU College of Law Assistant Professor Evan Bernick joins the Steve Cochran Show to delve into the upcoming SCOTUS decisions on Presidential immunity, the rare instances of a SCOTUS justice recusing themselves from a case, and the likelihood of the Supreme Court justices maintaining the availability of mifepristone, a common drug used for inducing abortions.  

President Biden Expected to Ink Executive Order Curbing Asylum

President Biden expected to sign an executive order restricting asylum. Congressman Mike Quigley joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss whether this move will benefit Biden’s campaign, the reasons behind the decision to sign the executive order at this time, and what steps Congress can take to address the broader issue of asylum without dismantling it.

Carol Acutis: The First Millennial Saint

Vice President of Advancement and Ministry at Marist High School Father Tom Hurley joins the Steve Cochran Show to share the inspiring story of Carol Acutis, the first Millennial Saint, and provide a deeper understanding of how sainthood works. 

Illinois Gas Prices Pump Up: Is Relief on the Horizon?

Contributor Fox Business & Author of “The Energy Report” Phil Flynn joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss why OPEC+ has decided to prolong production cuts to drive up oil prices, he advantages of transitioning to a regional blend of summer gasoline versus Chicago’s distinct blend, and whether you should postpone your upcoming road trip.

The Secret Life of Lab-Grown Meat

ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan joins the Steve Cochran Show to delve into what exactly lab-grown meat is, why some states are banning its sale, and will this meat alternative poses a challenge to traditional livestock farms.