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New masters program from University of Illinois is training the next generation of tech talent

Dean of the College of Engineering Rashid Bashir joins the Steve Cochran Show to share the exciting news of a new masters program based in Chicago aimed at keeping the next generation of tech talent here in Illinois. Bashir explains that with increased access to jobs an opportunities, Illinois can compete with other tech hubs for fresh talent that can transform the industry.

‘Miracles on a Mountainside’: Winter sports clinic helps disabled veterans reach new heights

Since 1987, the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic (NDVWSC) has helped many of our nation’s most profoundly disabled Veterans overcome obstacles and challenge their perceived limitations, while encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle.

Shawna Hill, NDVWSC Coach and VA Recreation Therapist and Air Force veteran Kevin Patton join the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the transformative power of the clinic and how you can support the program.

Early signs of Alzheimer’s may be recognized in your eyes

Dr. Kevin Most of Northwestern Medicine joins the Steve Cochran Show with his weekly rundown of the latest medical news, including the way your eyes may be the gateway to early signs of Alzheimer’s, the best time to schedule your colonoscopy, and the possible effects of ‘long COVID’.

Read all of Dr. Most’s notes below and catch up with new medical news every Tuesday morning.

Booster shots

  1. Lots of questions on Covid boosters. In the UK, Canada and a handful of other countries, if you are 6 months since your last Booster and are at high risk, you will be eligible for a spring booster for Covid.
  2. This is interesting where in the UK over 85% of patients over the age of  75 received the bivalent booster in the fall, well above the US rate of 42%
  3. The UK has seen a uptick of severe cases in the elderly, thus the call for booster
  4. In the US, The FDA has been on radio silence. They have been considering it, but no response or guidance has been delivered
  5. The other concern is that the bivalent Covid booster has not been licensed and are still being used and distributed  under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization, will this change in May
  6. Some physicians are looking for guidance to give a booster to the high risk patients in their practice, looking for a simple statement that those over the age of 75 or immunocompromised may get a booster if desired.
  7. Many physician feel we will need another booster prior to the fall, as Covid has peaked in mid to late summer in the past

Long Covid- is it becoming less common?

  1. It appears that the incidence of long covid is decreasing, with the omicron variant when compared to the initial strain of Covid.
  2. With the original strain of Covid, we noted Long Covid Symptoms in 8 % of those infected
  3. With the Omicron strain we note Long Covid in only 6% of those infected
  4. Why this is occurring is still up for discussion as this was from a very large study of close to 5 million Covid patients.
  5. This study also noted that those who had preexisting conditions or severe Covid had higher incidence of  long covid,
  6. The preexisting conditions noted include obesity, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure
  7. Causes of long covid are still unclear but some theories feel the new virus attacks different cells in the resp tract, with omicron staying in upper and original covid going deep in the lungs
  8. for the 14 million people suffering from long covid symptoms
  9. The information was mined anonymously from Epic, the nations largest electronic medical record
  10. Skeptics are looking at the younger age of patients impacted during the Omicron phase versus the original phase

Outpatient Treatment of  Covid- Omicron Variant and the development of Long Covid

  1. Results of a study on the treatment of Long Covid for 1,125 patients, came out recently
  2. In this study, which was completed across the US, had patients placed in one of 4 groups, each receiving a different medication or placebo
  3. The drugs included metformin, ivermectin, fluvoxamine or placebo
  4. Patients were entered in the study as soon as they got Covid, within a few days of symptoms
  5. Patients were mainly middle aged and overweight, with age range of 30-85 yrs. old
  6. The results showed that those who took Metformin had a 42% relative reduction in long covid
  7. It is unclear what the precise reason was that prevented Long Covid from occurring.
  8. Ivermectin, a drug once highly touted to treat Covid had no impact to preventing Long Covid
  9. Women on Metformin did even better than men, as did those who were overweight
  10. The study also showed that those vaccinated had a much lower incidence of Long Covid, 50% lower chance, very significant
  11. The concern is that the diagnosis in some cases was made at day 30, when in fact some of these cases

Dangerous Strep Throat cases in Illinois, associate with 5 pediatric deaths

  1. Strep throat is caused by the Strep bacteria and there are 2 main groups, A and B
  2. Recently in Illinois, there have been a few cases of a bacteria called invasive Group A Strep.
  3. There have been more cases in 2023 than in any of the past five years
  4. Group A Strep often causes common and generally mild illnesses
  5. This strain of Strep has the bacteria spreading to muscles, joints and lungs, causing severe illness.
  6. Early detection is key as it can be treated with antibiotics before it spreads
  7. Symptoms to look for, sudden onset of sore throat, pain with swallowing, some will also get a scarlet fever rash, red skin with sandpaper feel and fever is common. Although this can be caused by other bacteria and viruses, it is important to be tested to see if treatment is needed.
  8. Concern is that people can have the bacteria, have no symptoms and be contagious, those who have symptoms are much more contagious
  9. Couple this with a shortage of the antibiotic Amoxicillin, which is most commonly used to treat Group A Strep and you can understand why the concern is here.
  10. It is unclear why we are seeing this spike in pediatric cases, however This bacteria has caused the death of five children

Cabaret ZaZou is at the Spiegeltent in the Cambria Hotel

Frank Ferrante and James Harkness of Cabaret ZaZou join the show with Pete and Andrea to discuss their residency being extended at the Cambria Hotel.  They are celebrating their 150th show, the show is in the round with a live band and different acts from all over the world in a venue that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to an old European theater.

Will Donald Trump actually be indicted?

Former Judge and Trial Lawyer, Ashley Wilcott from Court TV answers the question everybody is wondering.  Pete and Andrea ask for her professional opinion on whether former president Trump will be arrested for allegedly paying Stormy Daniels hush money.  Ashley also talks about Gweneth Paltrow’s ski case.

Tomato tips with Bob Zeni, the “Chicago Tomato Man”

Bob Zeni turned a passion for tomatoes into a business, earning the “Tomato Man” name for his wild variety of delicious heirloom tomatoes. He joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about which tomatoes will be popular this year, when to plant, and how to keep your plants safe from wild weather.

Visit Bob and buy your own tomato plants at chicagotomatoman.com

Insurance welcomes artificial intelligence – what will it mean for your medical privacy?

Artificial intelligence has dominated tech news for months. From ChatGPT helping students write papers to cars with fully automated driving, the way forward appears to be AI. But what if AI starts working in even more intimate spaces, like your medical history?

Keith Farley, director of innovation for Aflac, joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the ways artificial intelligence is helping the insurance industry and how it could create a safer environment for your sensitive information.

What makes belly fat stick around? Nike coach Gina Caifano on the science behind losing weight

Gina Caifano, a family nurse practitioner focusing on functional training, joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the combination of factors that can make that stubborn belly fat stick around, including high cortisol, stress, and bad sleep patterns.

Visit Gina at The Garage Chicago Gym and follow her on Instagram for all your fitness needs.

Want a bust-proof bracket? A University of Illinois professor uses computer science to master March Madness

March Madness is back and brackets are on the brain. University of Illinois computer science professor Sheldon Jacobson joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about his BracketOdds website that will help you beat the odds and put together a (nearly) perfect bracket for the big tournament.

Wild weather creates a perfect storm for scammers

When scammers are on the prowl, Steve Bernas of the Better Business Bureau has your ‘tip off to the rip off’ on The Steve Cochran Show. This time, Steve shares his warnings on home repairs, travel, and other ways the bad guys are trying to take your hard earned cash.

Read Steve’s notes below and remember to look for the BBB seal of approval!

How to avoid home repair scams:

BBB offers tips to help reduce the risk of scams:

Do your research. Find businesses you can trust on BBB.org. Get at least two quotes before signing a contract. Always check for proof of insurance and licensing. Get references from friends and relatives. 

Beware of “storm chasers” and out-of-town contractors soliciting business. Although not all storm chasers are scammers, they may lack the proper licensing for your area, offer quick fixes, or make big promises they can’t deliver.

Contact your insurance company. Ask about your policy coverage and filing requirements.

Resist high-pressure sales. Some storm chasers use tactics such as the “good deal” you’ll get only if you hire them on the spot. Be proactive in selecting a contractor and not reactive to sales calls on the phone or door-to-door pitches. Ask for identification. Check their vehicle for a business name, phone number, and Illinois license plate. Check ratings and reviews.

Don’t sign over insurance checks to contractors. Get an invoice from the contractor and pay them directly (preferably with a credit card, which offers additional fraud 

The most reported travel scams are:

  • Vacation rental cons –Fraudsters lure in vacationers with the promise of low fees and great amenities. The “owner” creates a false sense of urgency – such as telling potential clients that another vacationer is interested in the rental – to get payment upfront before doing sufficient research or questioning the legitimacy of the ad.
  • “Free” vacation scams – Often offered as an enticing prize, these get victims to pay taxes, fees and other charges before they learn the offer is fake. Even when booking with a legitimate company, beware a low price may mean travel restrictions, add-on fees for air transportation, port charges, taxes, tips, and other fees.
  • Hotel scams – When staying in a hotel, beware of scammers who use various techniques to obtain credit card information, including fake front desk calls, “free” wi-fi connections and fake food delivery.
  • Third-party booking site scams – If you book your airfare, hotel, or other travel through a third-party website, be sure to use caution. BBB Scam Tracker continues to receive reports of scammers pretending to be online airline ticket brokers. In a common version of the scam, travelers pay with a credit card and receive a call from the company asking to verify personal and banking information after making the payment.

Spring break travel – What to know about Mexico travel warnings

The State Department’s ‘do not travel’ warning for many parts of Mexico remains in place, but travel reporter Natalie Compton of the Washington Post says it shouldn’t stand in the way of most spring break plans. She joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about where travel will be the riskiest and how to save on last minute flights.

Read Natalie’s travel column and follow her on Instagram for all your travel needs.