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Fabulous Freddies is turning 32 on Monday!

Originally owned by their father, the 3 Bertucci Sisters took over Fabulous Freddies to continue their family’s south side legacy! Owner Stephanie Bertucci and her Aunt Phyllis Bertucci join the Steve Cochran Show with fabulous food to celebrate their 32nd year in business! 

What can save the Mag Mile?

The Mag Mile vacancy rate is the highest it’s ever been at 28.8%. Crain’s Chicago commercial real estate reporter Alby Gallun joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about why rent prices are so high on Mag Mile and solutions to make it the downtown destination to eat, shop, and explore the best of Chicago again. 

The Safer Communities & Small Business Act would provide support for Illinois small businesses and formerly incarcerated people

The Safer Communities & Small Business Act would support small businesses across Illinois that are struggling to hire new employees. President of the Small Business Advocacy Coalition Elliot Richardson joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about how the policy would work and explains how it can improve public safety and provide opportunities for formerly incarcerated people. 

‘This is so insightful into the way clout and things work in Springfield.’ – Mark Glennon, Founder of Wirepoints

There could be a criminal case filed in the alleged workers’ compensation fraud that allegedly includes Gov. Pritzker’s office and 550,000 in taxpayer dollars. Wirepoint’s Mark Glennon and the Steve Cochran Show talk about why the investigation cost so much and why the Attorney General’s Office may have tried to bury the story. 

How can you help veterans transition to civilian life?

The Special Operators Transition Foundation is the smoothest veterans transition program for Special Operations service members in order to build corporate America. The Steve Cochran Show talks to the CEO Tommy Stoner and retired Lieutenant General Mark Schwartz about the transition workshop SOTF is offering on August 18th for special operators interested in moving to the greater Chicago area. 

Around the House with Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. on the Steve Cochran Show

Can’t figure out how to fix your air conditioning or need help elevating your DIY home projects. Around the House with the Steve Cochran Show can answer all of your problematic remodeling questions!

This week’s expert on Around the House Michael Thornton HVAC Manager at Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. reminds listeners to clean their dirty air filters and shares how you should troubleshoot a furnace problem before calling your local plumber. 

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