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How is the City of Chicago going to prepare for large events after the Highland Park 4th of July mass shooting?

Will the City of Chicago prepare differently for large events after the Highland Park 4th of July mass shooting? Deputy Mayor of Public Safety John O’Malley shares what you should know in advance before going to a large event and how the City of Chicago prepares for outdoor events like Lollapalooza and the Taste of Chicago. 

‘Unless Ukraine wins this will continue to be a problem for us.’ -Northwestern University Professor Jordan Gans-Morse, Associate Professor of Political Science

Over 12 million Ukrainians have been forced out of their homes since February. Northwestern University Professor Jordan Gans-Morse joins the Steve Cochran Show to give an update on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how the Ukrainian population is coping with the prolonged war.

Citadel is leaving Illinois

High-profile businesses are leaving Illinois, but it doesn’t paint a full picture. The CEO of Intersect Illinois Dan Seals explains how Illinois could possibly be a good place to do business in the future on the Steve Cochran Show. 

Support Team Mongo’s bid to add Bears legend  Steve McMichael to the Hall of Fame 

One of the most beloved Bears players of all time, Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael’s battle with ALS has transformed him into symbol of strength to those who are sharing in his struggle. Joe Johnson of Obvious Shirts joins The Steve Cochran Show to talk about his continuing collaboration with Team Mongo and how you can support McMichael’s bid for the NFL Hall of Fame and raise money for him and his family.

Celebrate Juneteenth this weekend

Southside Environmental Group is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Chicago Freedom Day Celebration! Honor and celebrate Juneteenth Saturday, June 18, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Bradley (Josephine) Park with free food, snacks live music and so much more!

What are the first signs of heat exhaustion?

It’s another scorcher with temperatures hitting the 90s. UIC emergency medicine Dr. Chris Colbert gives the Steve Cochran Show tips to recognize serious heat illness and how to keep your family and elderly loved ones safe. Check out the Steve Cochran Show page to hear the full interview.

How effective is the parole system?

Justin Medina believes that one-size-fits-all probation and parole sentences are not solutions for reducing the crime rate in the United States. Pete McMurray and Jane Monzures Clauss find out how Medina wants to improve the parole/probation system. Head to the WLS AM Highlights page to hear the full interview.

The first IVF baby shares her story

40 years ago, Elizabeth Carr was the first baby conceived via in vitro fertilization in the United States. Elizabeth Carr shares how it felt to be covered by the media since she was three cells old and how IVF has become a significant path of conception for many couples. To hear the full interview, head to the WLS AM Highlights Page!