Madigan question raises Emanuel’s ire

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) When asked about Speaker Mike Madigan and the Springfield sexual harassment scandal, Mayor Emanuel went-off on a reporter Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.

The question was whether the mayor’s concerned women voters won’t vote for Democrats because of the way Speaker Madigan has handled the #MeToo scandal in state politics. Rahm interrupted the reporter mid question.

“Guys! The news industry, the entertainment industry’s been affected! Politics been affected,” said Emanuel, “Every areas been affected because people are approaching questions they haven’t dealt with before and should have a long time ago.  And if what you do in the discussion of it is say it’s about that person, then you’re putting up a wall and a blind and not dealing with it!”

All of this happened during a news conference where the mayor proposed increasing the Airbnb tax from 4 to 6%. That found pay for a big increase in domestic violence shelter beds.

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