Take 1 with Bill Cameron

Sundays at 4 PM on 890 WLS!

“Take 1 with Bill Cameron” will present unedited interviews with Chicago newsmakers and discussions about breaking local news.

“It’s impossible to walk away from Chicago,” Cameron said. “This is the city with politics that wouldn’t be believable in a movie script, architecture that architects worldwide come to study, Nobel Prize-winning intellectuals, nationally renowned restaurants, performing arts, and museums, eight professional sports teams that alternately thrill and confound diehard fans, and more than 200 diverse neighborhoods in 78 community areas.”

“Take 1 with Bill Cameron” is the kind of program ideally suited to radio,” Cameron said. “Ask a question, get out of the way, don’t interrupt, and let interesting people tell their stories – no sound bites, no spin, no shouting, no editing.”