Rauner: Rahm does not give police support to do their jobs – UPDATED

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Of the surge in Chicago gun violence, Governor Bruce Rauner is now dumping on Mayor Emanuel as part of the problem.

Rahm’s challengers have been dumping on the mayor and now Governor Rauner is, on two fronts.

“Very disappointed in the mayor on this whole dynamic,” said Rauner,“I do not believe Chicago police have received the proper support that they need to do their jobs effectively.  They need more equipment, personnel and assistance in their staffing.

Rauner says Rahm and Speaker Madigan have blocked some of his economic development ideas for attacking what he calls the “stunning” unemployment rates on the south and west sides. Some of those ideas are anti-union.

Here’s a response from Rahm’s Communications Dir Adam Collins:

“That’s high praise from the man named the worst governor in America. Bruce Rauner’s downstate election strategy is centered solely on denigrating Chicago, in large part because he doesn’t have any accomplishments worth mentioning. He’s said Chicago’s children attend schools that are crumbling prisons, he called Chicago’s teachers “virtually illiterate” and he derided a peaceful anti-violence march led by several Chicago ministers as “chaos.” He’s wrapping up a term in which he achieved nothing other than gridlock, and I guess desperate times call for desperate rhetoric.”

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