Father And Daughter Injured When Gun Goes Off In Diaper Bag

Perhaps keeping a loaded gun inside his daughter’s diaper bag wasn’t the best idea after all. A lesson an Alabama man just learned the hard way.

According to CNN affiliates, the incident took place on Saturday in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese near Birmingham.

Vestavia Hills Police say the unnamed dad was changing the child in the back seat of his car when the gun went off as he reached inside the bag, injuring them both.

Spokesman Capt. Johnny Evans notes that the girl will be ok, but the father is in much more serious condition, with the bullet lodging in his chest.

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-alabama-gun-diaper-bag-20190415-v7hsmmntzngbfklydxt74ur54i-story.html