Corporations Are Ready For 4/20

4/20 used to be a ‘secret’ holiday for stoners only. But with marijuana legalization continuing to grow, 4/20 has gone mainstream – and even corporations are getting in on it.

Chicago’s Population Drops for 4th Straight Year

The country’s third most populated city could be in danger of losing its ranking. New data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates Chicago’s population has fallen for a fourth straight year.

Researchers Find A 42,000 Year-Old Foal Containing Liquid Blood and Urine

In 2018 while searching for ancient mammoth tusks in a Siberian crater, researchers found a 42,000 baby horse that was so well-preserved it had no deformation. Now scientists have revealed that they were able to extract liquid blood and urine from the foal and hope to clone the extinct species.