Cav’s hire Cal women’s head coach

Cav’s hire Cal women’s head coach

In a bold move for both parties, the Cleveland Cavaliers have hired UC-Berkeley women’s coach Lindsay Gottlieb as an assistant coach.

Men’s Baby Changing Station Drive to Launch in 3 U.S. Cities

Men’s Baby Changing Station Drive to Launch in 3 U.S. Cities

If you’re a father living in Cincinnati, Dallas or Detroit, you’re about to see a sound excuse for not changing your child’s diaper destroyed. Pampers have revealed it’s targeting the three cities in the first phase of its drive to put changing stations in men’s bathrooms.

John Stewart Tells Congress To Do Its Job

John Stewart Tells Congress To Do Its Job

John Stewart had some strong words for Congress on Tuesday. But he didn’t issue them from behind the studio desk as he has done in the past. This time, the former The Daily Show host got right in their faces.

State AG: Black Missouri Drivers 91% More Likely to Be Stopped

Missouri’s Attorney General just released a report that finds that black drivers are 91% more likely to be pulled over by police than white drivers. The report also revealed that black residents living within St. Louis County were twice as likely to be pulled over than their white neighbors.

Senator Says Learning from History is ‘a Waste of Time’

It turns out all that time spent in history class was a waste of time. At least that’s according to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who says trying to learn something by studying history is “ridiculous” because it happened “in the past.”

Sleeping With The TV On Could Make You Gain Weight

Got a TV in the bedroom? Dozing with the lights on? You might want to flick the switch before falling asleep. According to a new study, this could be the reason why you’re gaining weight.

First living Iraq veteran to receive MOH

Nearly 15 years after he saved his entire squad from insurgent fire in Fallujah, Iraq, former Army Staff Sgt. David G. Bellavia will become the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor from that conflict.

DOJ to release possible obstruction evidence

In the latest from the Mueller files: the DOJ has agreed to hand over key evidence on President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power, the New York Times reports.

A country boy’s tailgate-size LGBTQ billboard

Many who grew up in a small town know that good things often happen on tailgates. Cody Barlow used some of that small town ingenuity and ended up going viral on social media.