John Kerry Endorses Joe Biden

Former Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry is endorsing Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

More School Lunch Debt Paid Off

There’s been a lot of effort recently to pay off lunch debt around the country and one of the latest initiatives is in Michigan.

EV Battery Joint Venture in Ohio

It looks like General Motors has plans to work with a South Korean company to make electric car batteries in Ohio.

Fiat Chrysler Disagrees With Italy Tax Agency

The Italian tax agency feels that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had underestimated its business in the United States following its phased acquisition of Chrysler by 5.1 billion euros.

AirAsia Opens Plane Food Restaurant

Generally, passengers don’t come off a flight raving about the food, but one airline is banking that they can get diners to eat it on the ground.

Michigan Rakes in more than $220K on 1st Day of Legal Weed

It’s probably a safe bet to say lawmakers are happy with their decision to legalize weed in Michigan, where $221,000 was taken in by four marijuana shops on the first day of legal sales. And one of the stores was open for only two hours.