Indiana Man Eats Heroin after Arrest

At first, Indiana police officers couldn’t figure out why a suspect they arrested Wednesday began looking green around the gills — until they finally discovered his illness stemmed from something he was eating: a bag of heroin.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Because 2020 hasn’t been crazy enough – here’s a new one for the record books.

Virus Pandemic Reshaping Air Travel As Carriers Struggle

Airlines continue to struggle as travelers are wary about air travel. Although airlines are trying to convince travelers that it’s safe to travel with mandatory masks rules in place and hospital-grade air filters being used to make the air safe but travelers aren’t buying it.

South Carolina Cops Investigating 2 Counterfeiting Operations

While the advent of home computers and printers may have made life easier for most people, the technology has made the job of counterfeit investigators more difficult, changing their caseloads from just a few major counterfeiting operations to a lot of little ones.