8-Year-Old NC Girl Dies after Getting Coronavirus

8-Year-Old NC Girl Dies after Getting Coronavirus

WCNC reports that an eight-year-old North Carolina girl died Monday after she was hospitalized with Coronavirus. Second-grader Aurea Morales started feeling sick Thursday, May 28th and was tested for COVID-19. She later and a seizure and was rushed to the hospital.

J.C. Penny Closing 154 Stores Soon

J.C. Penny Closing 154 Stores Soon

Bankrupt retailer J.C. Penney, once a mall-corner institution, announced Thursday that it will be closing 154 stores this summer.

Rand Paul Demands Changes to House’s Anti-Lynching Bill

Kentucky’s Republican Senator Rand Paul is holding up a bi-partisan supported anti-lynching bill that already passed the House in February 410-4. Paul is holding up the bill because he feels sending someone charged with lynching to prison for ten years when they may have only inflicted “minor bruising” is a “disservice to those who were lynched in our history.”

Cancellation of Hong Kong Tienanmen Vigil Raises Protest Worries

After Hong Kong authorities canceled the annual candlelight vigil for the 31st anniversary of China’s violent government crackdown on the 1989 pro-democracy protests in Tienanmen Square, China is now cracking down on any potential vigils, citing the need for social distancing guidelines even though most businesses have reopened in China.

Jimmy Carter Releases Statement on George Floyd Protests

Following Obama, Bush and Clinton, former President Jimmy Carter released a statement on the George Floyd protests, writing that he and the former first lady, Rossalyn Carter “are pained by the tragic racial injustices and the consequent backlash across our nation in recent weeks.”

How to Watch George Floyd Memorial Service on TV and Online

The first of several George Floyd memorial services will take place Thursday at 2pm EST with the Reverend Al Sharpton delivering a national eulogy from North Central University’s Frank J. Linguist Sanctuary in Minneapolis. Several ways you can view the memorial include:

Pelosi asks Black Caucus to Come up with Police Reforms

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked the Congressional Black Caucus to lead in drafting a legislative response to the protests over the death of George Floyd. Democrats are currently looking at proposals regarding excessive force and racial profiling.

Biden Wins Primaries in 4 States

Considering that his last remaining opponent, Bernie Sanders, dropped out of the race months ago, one doesn’t need to be a top political analyst to accurately predict the winner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections.

Police Catch California Man Eating Dead Relative

Police officers who were sent to investigate a report of a disturbance in Richmond, California on Monday were shocked when they found a man in the midst of dinner. His main course? The woman they believe he’d just murdered.