Changes to O’Hare bus service start Friday for roadway construction

(CHICAGO) Buses at O’Hare Airport will have to use different pickup and dropoff locations starting Friday as crews begin a long-term construction project on the upper level terminal core roadway.

The project will repair expansion joints in the roadway, and fix the underside of the structure, according to the city’s Department of Aviation.

No buses will be allowed on the upper level terminal core roadway during the construction, which will be complete by early fall.

Until then, all rental car buses and aviation buses must pick up and drop off passengers on the lower level terminal core roadway, the department said.

Regional buses and buses for hotels and motels must use the O’Hare Bus Shuttle Center, the department said. Off-airport parking facility buses must pick up and drop off at the O’Hare Kiss ‘n’ Fly/Airport Transit Station

Bus drivers can expect delays and should allow extra travel time to and from the terminals, the department said.