Update: Rahm not happy with Thibodeau firing

Rahm Emanuel - Photo courtesy of Bill Cameron, WLS News

Rahm Emanuel – Photo courtesy of Bill Cameron, WLS News

By WLS Reporter Bill Cameron

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is weighing in on the firing of Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau.

Emanuel is a huge Bulls fan and he’s not happy about the firing.

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“I’ll say this, I have been in regular communication over the past weeks with Coach T and I think he’s a great coach,” Emanuel said. Asked if Thibodeau got a raw deal, he said, “I think he’s a great coach. We were fortunate to have him.”

The mayor was restraining himself on the Bulls front office decision, although he did say he’d like to use a graffiti blaster on somebody. He was not restraining himself on keeping the ball in Springfield’s court on the huge financial problems facing the city.

“Everyone of the issues we’re talking about, the challenges were first created in Springfield years ago.”

But the impasse in Springfield continues with no end in sight.

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