Emanuel cries foul against the Trib

By Bill Cameron, WLS News

(CHICAGO) In an interview with Bill Cameron at City Hall this afternoon, Mayor Rahm Emanuel cried foul against the Chicago Tribune.

Emanuel is upset that the Tribune’s Kristen McQueary wrote metaphorically that she almost hopes Chicago could get hit by a Hurricane Katrina to shock leaders into fixing our gigantic financial and political problems.

While taping “Connected to Chicago” for Sunday night at 7, the mayor conceded the Tribune hit a nerve.

“Yes, it did hit a nerve,” Emanuel said. “I find it morally reprehensible they would use the unfortunate death of 1500 people – poor and colored people – that way and then, second, you missed the one fact:  The federal government gave you $50 billion, you didn’t solve your problem.  That said, that’s not a lesson for Chicago.  The public is owed better, ” said Emanuel.

Also in this interview, Rahm said there’s a consensus among the aldermen who have been giving him revenue ideas for the next budget to enact a fee on residential garbage collection and a new tax on e-cigarettes.

You can hear the interview Sunday night at 7pm on 89WLS or on the “Connected to Chicago” podcast:here.

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