Lawsuit: NHL Put Profits Ahead of Players

By Nick Gale, WLS News

(CHICAGO)  A Chicago based law firm has filed a lawsuit against the National Hockey League on behalf of the family of a deceased former Blackhawks player.

The firm Corboy & Demetrio has filed the suit claiming that as far back as 1997 the NHL had data on repetitive head trauma in hockey but failed to warn Steve Montador of the long term mental and cognitive health impairments.

Montador, who played for a number of teams including the Blackhawks and the Ducks, died earlier this year at age 35. When his brain was examined it turned out he suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, which can cause depression, sleeplessness, memory loss and more.

Attorney William Gibbs is representing the Montador estate. He says the NHL failed to warn players of the risk, putting profits first.

“The NHL for years has been scared of eliminating fighting based upon one reason and that is that they’re worried the turnstiles won’t spin as frequently,” Gibbs tells WLS News.

The NHL had previously said of Montador’s death that they don’t see a link between his heath and his NHL career.

Separate from this case, there is a class action lawsuit pending against the NHL alleging that the league failed to warn them of the true dangers of repetitive head trauma.

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