Donald Trump calls for GOP unity

By David Wright, CNN

Donald Trump urged Republicans to unite behind his candidacy Wednesday, following a trio of victories on Tuesday night in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii.

“If we could embrace this moment as a party, we’re going to win so easily,” the billionaire businessman told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

Trump said the record-breaking turnout his march to the Republican presidential nomination had produced is “absolutely unique and special.”

“Something is happening that’s amazing,” he said. “We’re getting millions and millions of people that have never voted before, millions of people from the Democrats, millions of people from the independents.”

Trump also pointed to the “great talk” he had with House Speaker Paul Ryan as an example of the type of bridge-building the Republican Party should be doing.

“(Ryan) called the other day, he was so great. That’s what we should be doing. We should be talking and unifying,” Trump said. “I like him a lot, I respect him a lot, and I think he respects me, I think he really does respect what I’ve done. I mean, he said it, it’s amazing. He said it’s amazing. Look, they’re talking about it all over the world.”

And the GOP front-runner argued that his candidacy alone provided the opportunity to expand the party and win in the general election, singling out his primary rival Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“We’re going to win areas and states that were never in play before, and would never be in play for any of these other candidates — I mean, Ted Cruz cannot win these states,” Trump said.

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