Big John Howell Show Notes 4-8-16

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling over which one has the better “New York state of mind.” Clinton rode the NYC subway Thursday morning slamming Sanders, who claimed he rode the city subway a year ago by using a token. Clinton pointed out they haven’t used tokens since 2003. Meanwhile, Sanders defended his position that Clinton isn’t qualified to be President. Jeff Zeleny the Senior Washington Correspondent for CNN has been traveling with Clinton and joined John to talk about the fight over the Empire State. (Listen here)

President Obama got a question asking why he picked another “old white guy” for the Supreme Court. He responded “At no point did I say, ‘You know what? I need a black lesbian from Skokie in that slot. Can you find me one?’” He added that Garland is an outstanding jurist and that’s what’s important. Mary Ann Ahern the Political Reporter for NBC 5 joined John to talk about the visit. (Listen here)

It’s Opening Day at US Cellular Field! Chet Coppock joined John to talk about the outlook for the White Sox this season, and also talked about Jerry Reinsdorf induction into the NBA Hall of Fame. (Listen here)

A new apartment building in Chicago is getting an old “L” car to play around in. The car is gutted and will serve as a gazebo of sorts.

NASA’s NEOWISE satellite has discovered 72 new near-Earth objects, 13 of which are classified as “potentially hazardous.” NASA says they have not yet detected any large enough to kill us all (or so they say) but even small objects can cause a lot of damage.

A Catholic priest walking around Indiana University was mistaken for a KKK member by some students. He was wearing a white robe, but obviously no hood. Student eyewitnesses said he was a Klan member carrying a whip, when it reality it was a priest with a Rosary. One IU residential adviser even sent an email warning to his dormitory telling them to stay on the lookout for the menacing figure.