Big John Howell Show Notes 4-19-16

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration on Monday unveiled the details of its last-ditch plan to put “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas’ museum along the lake. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration on Monday unveiled the details of its last-ditch plan to put the museum along the lake. Greg Hinz the Political Writer and Blogger for Crain’s Chicago Business joined John with details on the new plan. (Listen here)

There may be more armed people at O’Hare and Midway soon. A new ordinance by Alderman Chris Taliaferro, would change a long-standing policy that keeps aviation police officers unarmed when they are on duty at Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. The aviation police officers are all certified law enforcement officers in the state of Illinois. Many work in suburban police departments or are military veterans. Chicago Police officers are there, and they are already armed. The aviation police don’t like the idea that they would actually be expected to run and hide if there’s an incident at the airport.

Donald Trump, who has made his advocacy for New York City after the 9/11 attacks central to his candidacy, accidentally referred to it on Monday as 7/11 — the ubiquitous convenience store.

A Muslim student says he was pulled from a Southwest flight at LAX because he spoke in Arabic. He was even questioned by the FBI. He was talking to a friend on the phone in Arabic and ended the conversation by saying “God willing” in Arabic. Some passengers around him heard him says “Allah” and basically freaked out.

An elementary school in Massachusetts has decided to ban Donald Trump’s image… sort of. A group of 11-year olds were planning on wearing giant masks of Trump during their dance routine for the school talent show. The kids said they picked Trump’s face just because it would look funny. The school wants nothing to do with that though.

Actress Doris Roberts has died at the age of 90. Most recently she was famous from Everybody Loves Raymond.