BREAKING: R-Congressman Bob Dold Says He Will Not Endorse Donald Trump

Moderate North Shore Republican, Congressman Bob Dold, told John Howell this morning that Donald Trump will not get his vote.

(CHICAGO) Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has reportedly decided he will not formally endorse presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.
Numerous media outlets are quoting sources close to Rauner who say he will also skip the Republican convention in Cleveland, where he will avoid having to cast a vote for Trump or appear with him.
Also Friday morning,  Republican Congressman Bob Dold told “The Big John Howell Show” on WLS, that he will not vote for Trump.
“For me, I will not support Donald Trump.  Certainly I think there are others that have some pretty significant reservations.  We saw that yesterday with Speaker Ryan, with Bruce Rauner and we’re seeing that with folks around the country.”
Dold’s comments follow those of GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan who said on Thursday he is not yet ready to support Trump.
Dold said there are a number of reasons for his decision.
“Whether it be Mr. Trump’s comments about women, his comments about Muslims, his comments about Latinos, for me it was very personal his comments about POW’s.  As you know my uncle was the second one shot in the Viet Nam war, and for me these comments altogether are not about uniting a country.   It’s quite the opposite.”
Dold emphasizes to WLS that he will not vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.
“I want to make that I’m clear about this, I’m not going to support Hillary Clinton either.   I would write someone in.”
Dold represents a moderate to liberal north shore district, and is locked in a tough re-election battle with former Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider.