Quinn skips Nov. ballot for term limit measure


(CHICAGO)¬†¬†Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says a voter referendum aimed at imposing term limits on Chicago’s mayor and creating a consumer advocacy position won’t make the November ballot.

Quinn told The Associated Press he’s short of the roughly 53,000 signatures required by a Monday deadline. The Democrat says his goal is to get 100,000 and he’s got roughly 20,000.

He launched the petition drive in June, but wouldn’t say which election. He tells AP he’s aiming for 2018’s primary, when Illinois next elects a governor. Quinn hasn’t definitively ruled out another gubernatorial run.

Quinn says it takes time to build support for a citizen initiative.

He led Illinois’ only successful signature-driven ballot initiative as an activist. The 1980 “cutback amendment” reduced the size of the Illinois House and how residents elect legislators.


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