Suit: Ex portrayed woman as Trump supporter in fake Facebook page

(CHICAGO) A Cook County woman is asking Facebook to turn over information that could identify a person who created multiple fake Facebook profiles using her picture to imply that she supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Gjadear Adi says the profiles were created by a man whose family’s marriage proposal was rejected by her, according to the petition filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court. She wants to get information from Facebook about the creator to file a defamation lawsuit against that person, according to court documents.

The accounts were opened under different names since July using Adi’s pictures, including several of her without her hijab, a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women to cover their heads and chests, the petition said. Adi is a practicing Muslim. Another fake profile said under the page’s education tab that she “studied lying at the University of Illinois at Chicago.”

The creator of one of the fake accounts also posted photos of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a ploy to make it appear Adi supports Trump, “whose anti-Muslim rhetoric is highly offensive, especially to Muslims,” according to the petition.

Adi claims the stress of being portrayed as a Trump supporter and appearing publicly without her hijab has caused panic attacks.

The accounts were believed to have been created by a man who Adi had a previous courtship, according to the petition. The man, also a Muslim, would be aware of how damaging the photos and accusations against her could be to her standing in her family and community.