CPD makes plans to keep peace in Wrigleyville during World Series

(CHICAGO) As the World Series gets underway, the Chicago Police Department issued an order Tuesday calling on all sworn members to be ready to respond to the area around Wrigleyville in the event of large, unruly crowds, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

According to a memo sent by First Deputy Supt. Kevin Navarro obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, “All units of the Department will be in regulation field uniform and be prepared for deployment with soft body armor, helmet, baton and rain gear.”

The order will go into effect from Friday, Oct. 28, the date of the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years, until Wednesday, Nov. 2, the date of a potential Game 7. The order calls for officers to be prepared on Oct. 31, even though no game is scheduled that day.

The Cubs host the Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field on Oct. 28, Oct. 29 and, if needed, Oct. 30.

Time off, aside from personal days and previously approved furlough days, will not be granted to any member of the department, according to the memo.

“All units of the department will anticipate days off cancelled,” it read.

Officers are also told to “anticipate working a twelve (12) hour tour of duty.”

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said police activity over the next week was part of “customary measures” for any large-scale event.

“Essentially, all officers will be working to not only ensure safety around the World Series but also patrolling neighborhoods and parks,” Guglielmi said in an email Tuesday night.

About 300,000 Cubs fans took to the streets outside Wrigley Field from Saturday night into Sunday to celebrate the team’s first National League Championship since 1945, city officials estimated.

Six people were arrested on misdemeanor charges of unlawful ticket sales, traffic obstruction, storage of goods on the public way, disorderly conduct, reckless conduct and resisting arrest, according to police. Nine people were taken to hospitals.

— Chicago Sun-Times