O’Hare flights drop in 2016; Atlanta busiest airport again

CHICAGO (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration reports O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was the nation’s second-busiest in 2016. Flights at O’Hare dropped 1 percent.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw a jump in flights of 2 percent compared to 2015. It had just under 900,000 arrivals and departures compared with O’Hare’s 868,000.

Los Angeles International Airport took over the number three spot in 2016 from the field in Dallas-Fort Worth. Denver’s was fifth for a second straight year.

Midway International Airport on Chicago’s south side was 25th busiest for the second year in a row with 253,000 flights, down slightly.

The FAA says the five-year operations average at O’Hare is 877,000. That compares with 963,000 annually from 2004 to 2007.

June 23-24 were O’Hare’s busiest days in 2016 with 2,700 flight operations each day.

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