Chicago area business school ranks Super Bowl ads

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By John Dempsey, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) The Super Bowl ad for Mr. Clean scored highest in the 13th annual review of ads by experts at the Kellogg School of Management, at Northwestern University in Evanston.      Kellogg Marketing Professor Tim Calkins talked about the rankings Monday morning on “The Big John and Ray Show ” on WLS.

The ad featured a woman being turned on by a bald, animated Mr. Clean, who mopped a floor while employing sexy dance moves.   Calkins told WLS the commercial accomplished it’s goal.   “The Mr. Clean spot came through very well with the panel.  You know exactly who that was for.  The branding was strong, it got your attention, that was a pretty darn good ad.”

The Kellogg School of Management has more than 50 MBA students watching and evaluating the strategy of the Super Bowl ads.

Calkins says one of the spots rated lowest by his panel, was the controversial spot for 84 Lumber, which featured a Mexican woman and her daughter overcoming hardship trying to enter the United States illegally.    “They never in the end told you anything about 84 Lumber” said Calkins, “Why would we want to shop there, why would we want to work there?  You know the benefit just didn’t come through.”

To see the entire ranking of ads by the Kellogg school panel, click here.


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