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Humans On Mars Will Be “Really Ugly”

Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM

(CHICAGO) Humans are going to get “really ugly,” according to Big John Howell. The idea of humans migrating to Mars isn’t so much of an unlikely concept in present time.

Dr. Scott Solomon, an evolutionary biologist and author of Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution joined John Howell and Ray Stevens on Friday morning to talk about how the human race will change once it begins to colonize Mars.

Solomon stated that since there are no germs on Mars currently, whatever we as humans bring, will be the disease of the newly settled planet.

“There are not any bacteria or other types of microbes,” Solomon states, explaining that the immune systems of human beings would eventually degrade.

But how will we change physically if we colonize Mars?

Since gravity is about one-third of the strength that it is on Earth, human bones will become weaker with a higher propensity for fractures. This gravitational effect will be detrimental for women bearing children on the red planet.

Another possibility would be that colonists on Mars would have to use cesarean sections which allow the human head to become larger since it doesn’t need to fit through a narrow birth canal.

Long distance relationships really wouldn’t work since avoiding sexual relations between people on Mars and people on Earth is highly suggested specifically because of the transfer of germs, bacteria and disease.

None of this sounded appealing to Ray Stevens who said, “it sounds like a big retirement home!”

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