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3/1/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

President Donald Trump gave a terrific speech on Tuesday. It will resonate with most Americans because of the conservative aspects and the patriotic packaging of some liberal policy items like family leave and infrastructure spending. Of course liberals and Democrats are furious because Trump is politically hijacking their issues. Rather than trying to hang onto their constituents they are letting them go. However, it’s frustrating that Trump is trying to win the Reagan Democrats with big government policies. He should instead win them over with free market economics and unleashing the economy. Trump was extremely effective in advancing both conservative and liberal policies. Maybe this is what the American people want and what the Republican Party has become. In addition, there was not a single thing mentioned about the debt by Trump, the Democrats or Republicans. Nobody wants to talk about the debt because they created it. After that, the Democrats are despicable and acting like children during the speech. They still can’t accept the outcome of the election. Finally, it has been 5 years since Andrew Breitbart has passed away. He had an exceptional and brilliant way of communicating conservative ideals.