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3/3/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Dan Bongino Contributing Editor of Conservative Review fills in for Mark. All of a sudden the Democrats remember who the Russian ambassador was, because as a member of the Senate, Jeff Sessions met with him. Sessions has a reputation of being an upstanding and honest guy, even among Democrats. Now that he is Attorney General, all of a sudden he is dishonest. Democrats are using this as a false bludgeon to take out the Trump administration. This massive treasure trove of evidence against Sessions is nowhere to be found. In addition, an illegal wiretap on Gen Mike Flynn happened under the Obama administration. They were imbedding people in the bureaucracy. Before Barack Obama left office, those bureaucrats had a job to sabotage the incoming administration. They were there to violate federal law and release sensitive information. If this is allowed to happen without media exposure and investigation, what does this mean for our country going forward? No one thinks this is even a mild controversy, that there are people in the government committing felonies to take down President Donald Trump and his administration. This is what unprincipled people do. After that, the conservative movement is a proud movement. We want to keep our money, pick our own healthcare and choose where we send our kids to school. We don’t do what the left is doing. In addition, the Democrats are trying to make Trump look like the worst thing ever, which is their usual line about Republican presidents. You would think principles would take over and the liberals would see the truth. Fortunately, Republicans haven’t changed their mind on Jimmy Carter, and FDR’s new deal. At least they are not trying to rewrite history and call destructive liberal policies great.